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#THINKBEAUTY by Beverly Johnson

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Welcome to Beverly’s World
Why #ThinkBeauty?
headshot-beverly johnsonIt’s no secret that hair is my favorite accessory. From my days a modeling ingénue to the success of the former wig line to which I licensed my name for 15 years until 2011, people have noticed my love of hair. Braided, colored, curled—you name it, I love it. It was amazing to see how something that gave me an extra sense of style offered value to so many other women. It taught me that beauty is best enjoyed when it is shared.

These days, I am all about the energy and bounce of quality hair extensions. I love that I can play with the length and body of my hair, while minimizing the impact of frequent treatments on my own hair. And I have to admit, I have always been partial to long looks. Still, however you wear your do, I love the expression of power, love and ambition exuded from a great style. Just look to Lupita Nyong’o or Kerry Washington, both gorgeous and iconic women, each a sense of power that is signed with captivating style. (Didn’t Lupita just steal the Oscars! Everything about her is pure beauty.)

As an entrepreneur in the hair industry, I am driven by the idea that every woman has the right to flow through her day in full awareness of her beauty. Where makeup wears off and outfits change, I happen to love the commanding statement a hairstyle makes throughout the day.

My hope is that every woman takes this month as a reminder to serve the source of all achievement–inner. This Women’s History Month I wish for every woman the time to start each morning falling in love with her natural self–her gratitude, her wisdom, her smile and her dreams–and from there, maintain the path to achieving timeless beauty.

I believe that true beauty is a state of mind. So check back for my #ThinkBeauty Tuesday for tips for a great week filled with both inner and outer glamour.

Excited to be part of theREGISTRYBayArea.com! You can also come visit me at www.beverly johnson.com.
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