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Kevin On The Move

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What’s happening in Politics

Building an All-In Bay Area event

By: Kevin L. Nichols – The Social Engineer

[April 22, 2015] OAKLAND. Thanks to the Rev. Jesse Jackson, there has recently been a lot of talk about technology and its lack of diversity. Some of the Silicon Valley tech giants have pledged to do something about the disparities of underrepresented minorities, women, LGBT, persons with disabilities, veterans, etc., however, it seems that there has been a lot more “talk” going on but little action.

Vator Splash is taking place today and tomorrow in Oakland. Vator, Inc.’s mission is [...]

You Don't Understand the Problem

[October 30, 2014] OAKLAND. This mid-term election is critical for our country’s future. Rather than complaining and whining about the state of our communities, our schools, our taxes, the environment, etc., here is our opportunity to show up and make a difference. Electing our representatives and leaders is our civic duty and we should be proud to exercise it. The deadline has passed to mail in absentee ballots, however, it is not too late to vote in person. November 4, 2014 is the mid-term election day in California, so if you do not [...]

About The Social Politician
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Kevin Nichols

Political candidates running for office have to conduct themselves like companies. Whether it involves raising capital to finance their campaigns, being held accountable to their “investors” (constituents), or maximizing essential “departments” such as human resources, operations, technology, marketing, and communications. Candidates need specialists with track records to enhance their online presence, develop consistent messaging, and overall communications strategy that will get them elected. They need Kevin L. Nichols – The Social Politician