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[VIDEO] The Black Artists on Art Legacy Exhibit celebrates Grand Finale – Friday, April 17

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Event: Grand Finale: The Black Artists on Art Legacy Exhibit
Date: Friday, April 17, 2015
Location: Oakstop, Oakland

Black_Artists_On_Art_FinaleThe Black Artists on Art Legacy Exhibit celebrates the GRAND FINALE of its three month span at Oakstop on Friday, April 17th from 7pm – 11pm — 1721 Broadway, Oakland, CA

This exhibit features 56 black fine artists, spanning three generations, and including several contemporary and legendary fine artists including Elizabeth Catlett, Jacob Lawrence, Charles White, Betty Saar, Dana King, James Gayles, Tarika Lewis, George “P-Funk” Clinton, and Samella Lewis — America’s leading historian and collector of black fine art.

The exhibit is based on the Black Artists on Art book series, created by Dr. Samella Lewis in 1969, that catalogued over 150 actively producing black fine artists, who were generally overlooked by the mainstream museums, galleries, and fine art institutions. The revolutionary book series was an instant hit and sold thousands of copies in its first 3 years before going out of print.

“I wanted to make a chronology of African American artists, and artists of African descent, to document our history. The historians weren’t doing it. I felt it better the artists do it anyway, through pictorial and written information… It was really about the movement.” — Dr. Samella Lewis

The Black Artists on Art Legacy Exhibit has been a big hit locally, and even nationwide in its first 3 months at Oakstop Gallery. The Grand Finale event will include updates on its upcoming tour dates as well as an unveiling of the online artist engagement campaign that will take this project to a global scale!

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