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TechREGISTRY Bay Area: Organizations & Media Sources

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Oakland Digital Arts & Literacy Center (Oakland Digital) is a community-building organization working to bridge the digital literacy and opportunity divide in Oakland, CA. Since 2009, Oakland Digital has been working to educate, inspire and empower small business owners, local design students and entrepreneurs.


A directory of organizations focused on increasing the access of information, education and technology to African Americans, and their participation in technology ventures and employment opportunities.

All L East Bay Broadband Consortium (EBBC)
All L Impact Hub Oakland
All, beginners L Oakland Beginner’s Programming Support Group
All (businesses) L Minority Business Consortium
Entrepreneurs L Black Founders
Entrepreneurs L BUILDUP
Entrepreneurs N DiversiTech
N NewMe Accelerator
Entrepreneurs L Tech Liminal
Entrepreneurs N UP GLobal
Entrepreneurs, investors L Entrepreneurs & Investors for an Inclusive Economy
Entrepreneurs, professionals L Alliance for Community Development
Entrepreneurs, professionals L Bay Area Blacks in Tech
Entrepreneurs, professionals N BitHouse
Entrepreneurs, professionals N Black Techies
Entrepreneurs, professionals L Dvrsty-STEM Accelerators
Entrepreneurs, professionals L Meetup: Grow Diversity in Technology!
Entrepreneurs, small business owners, local design students L Oakland Digital Arts & Literacy Center (ODALC)
Entrepreneurs, startups L Kapor Capital
Entrepreneurs, Technologists N Black Entrepreneurs and Technologists (BEAT)
Industry practitioners, companies, entrepreneurs, investors N Digital Diversity Network
Organizations L California Diversity Council
Professionals N BDPA
Professionals N Executive Leadership Council
Professionals N Information Technology Senior Management Forum
L NSBE SF Bay Area Professionals
L NSBE Silicon Valley Professionals
Professionals L Silicon Valley’s Blend of Brown
Professionals, students L,N Blacks in Gaming
Students, youth L Baycat
Students, youth N Code2040
Students, youth
L Level Playing Field Institute
Students, youth L Oakland Technology Exchange West
Students, youth N SEM Link
Students, families N Internet Essentials
Students, youth L Hack The Hood
Students, youth L Next Is Now
Students, youth N iUrbanTeen
Students, youth N #YesWeCode
Students, youth (female) L,N Black Girls Code
Students, youth (female) L Techbridge
Students, youth (male) N All Star Code
Students, youth (male) L Hidden Genius Project
Students, youth, professionals N National Society of Black Engineers
Underrepresented communities
L Kapor Center for Social Impact
Women N African American Women in Technology
Women TechWomen
Women N Women Who Code
* Local / National
All 125 Top Black STEM Organizations in the US


Media Sources (Local/National)
Online, Print Blacks in Technology (Black Enterprise)
Online Blacks in Technology
Online Blerds
Online, Print Diversity Careers
Online IT News Africa
Online Live Work Oakland
Online Science & Technology (New American Media)
Online (The) Searchlights Project
Online Startups Illustrated
Online/Print Tech (Ebony)
Online Tech (Savoy)
Online Technology (The Network Journal)
Online TechREGISTRY Bay Area
Online The Urban Scientist (Scientific American)
Online Urban Geekz