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[Instagram] The Tanzania Trade Mission: Bay Area Black Chambers of Commerce travel to Africa

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tanzania-map[February 28 - March 4, 2014] Follow the business meetings of Fred Jordan, President, San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce and Carl Davis Jr., President, Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce as they work to create new business opportunities for African Americans in the USA with Tanzania, an East African country in our Motherland.

Tanzania is one of the most resource rich countries in Africa, and is attracting interest for its myriad of trade and investment opportunities in a business friendly environment. Meetings are planned with the President of Tanzania, the former President of Tanzania and the Minister of Communication, Science and Technology along with other investors and business owners.

Carl & Fred plan to relax on the exotic island of Zanzibar for a few days after their meetings. Check this page every day for NEW photos of Carl & Fred and the Trade Mission. [View Itinerary]

2014 African Trade Mission organized by Globetrend Consulting Group in collaboration with The Honorable Mayor Osby Davis of Vallejo, California, the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce, The Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce and the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce and Industry (North America).

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