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[PROFILE] Spotlight: Jacob Williams (African American Shakespeare)

spotlight-jacob williams
spotlight-jacob williams

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Jacob Williams, a sophomore at Oakland School for the Arts, is starring as Romeo in this season’s production of ROMEO AND JULIET, Oct 17, 2015 – Nov 8, 2015

Where do you currently live? Did you grow up somewhere in the Bay Area that is not where you currently live?
I live in Oakland, California. I was born and raised till the age of six when I moved to the Bay Area from Santa Barbara, California.

How did you get started in theater? How does your family feel about your choice of careers? Is anyone else in your family also in the performing arts? How did your family, if at all, influence your career choice?
I got started in theatre in kindergarten, in a mini production of Shark Tales. However it was not till 1st grade that I got casted in a big production with a significant part along with 5th through 8th graders. Every member of my family is involved in some form of performing arts, however after high school it became somewhat of a hobby for them. My family is not one to ever force any sort of decision on me, so in my life, I’ve been lucky enough to direct my own path and that is why I believe I have been as successful as I am in what I set my mind to. However, after my careful examination of the medical field and interest in neurology, I have decided I will pursue theatre as a secondary profession, as my first (I hope) will be pediatric neurology (without influence from my family).

In what way(s) do you relate to your character? Is there any special research you will be doing to connect with your character?
I relate in the sense that we are the same age, and all of the sporadic emotions Romeo experiences has affected me before. As for the time period and chaotic fighting that goes on, I will be researching every aspect that is not tangible to myself .

Are you related to/best friends with/had a close encounter with anyone famous?
I know and can personally contact Derilyn Melody from the Broadway Musical Lion King.

Tell me something interesting about yourself.
I am in this play with one friend and a best friend. My friend Wilgens I’ve known for a year and can easily talk to. My best friend is Brittani McBride, and we literally skype every night. Also, interesting aspects about me that may intrigue somebody is that I have a million developed interests. Beyond theatre, I have
found interest and passion within instrumental music, environmental activism, community leadership/service, and mathematics/science.