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Free! #SelmaForStudents

selma students
selma students

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7th, 8th and 9th Graders can show their student ID or report card at the box office of any participating theater in the Bay Area, to receive their free tickets, while tickets last.

In an unprecedented effort led by a team of African-American business leaders in New York, organizations across the U.S. coordinated a massive national campaign to find African-American business leaders to underwrite free admission to theAcademy Award-nominated film “SELMA” for students around the country.
The new cities added are the efforts inspired by the overwhelming success of the program in New York City, in which 27 African-American business leaders created a fund for 27,000 of the city’s 7th, 8th and 9th grade students to see the film for free. That effort sold out in the very first weekend.

Students can share their images and response to the film using #SelmaForStudents.

Due to the generous contributions by so many of the country’s most prominent African-American business leaders, more than 275,000 middle and high school students will experience the critically acclaimed film for free at participating theaters while supplies last.
selma for students (bay area)

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