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[PROFILE] Searchlight: Lisa Lambert (Tech / Venture Capital)

Lisa Lambert
Lisa Lambert

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Posted: January 12, 2015

Overcoming Challenges to Get to the Top
Getting to the Top in Venture Capital

Title/Position: Vice-President, Intel Capital

Today we have the distinct pleasure of interviewing Lisa Lambert, the most accomplished and experienced African-American woman in venture capital in the United States. Lisa shares the importance of her educational and professional background in technology, her prescription for increasing the number of women in senior investment positions in venture capital, and her passion for her not-for-profit, UPWARD.

How did you get into the world of technology and finance?

I started my career in technology after obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems. I was trained in business information systems, compiled programming languages such as Cobol, Pascal, Fortran, PL1, and in a number of application server development tools for Windows, MPE, and Unix operating system environments.

My first professional job was working as a software developer in the Information Technology department at Owens-Corning. I supported IT operational functions and designed and de-bugged software in our manufacturing facilities and for our product groups. I had an aptitude for coding and decided to pursue a career in high tech after obtaining an MBA from Harvard.

I joined Intel Corporation in 1997 and have spent the last 17 years at Intel in engineering and in venture capital investing roles. I currently run our software and services investment practice at Intel Capital and have a 10-year cumulative IRR of 27% and notable exits in companies such as VMware (IPO), JBoss (Acquired by Redhat), MySQL (Acquired by Sun Microsystems), Datallegro (Acquired by Microsoft), Endeca (Acquired by Oracle), X+1 (Acquired by Rocket Fuel), to name a few.