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[PROFILE] Searchlight: Shauntel Paulson (Tech / Venture Capital)

Shauntel Paulson
Shauntel Paulson

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Posted: October 22, 2015

Pioneering Investments in the Future of Education Technology

Title/Position: Co-Founder/General Partner, Reach Capital

Shauntel has been an active investor in the education technology field. She is one of the Co-Founders and General Partners at Reach Capital, a leading early-stage venture capital firm focused on the education technology investments.

How did you get into the world of technology and / or finance?

Growing up I thoroughly enjoyed all of my math and science classes. My high school chemistry teacher inspired and encouraged me to pursue chemical engineering and I decided to follow her guidance and attend MIT.

I began my career at Procter and Gamble where I designed and developed laundry products. I have always been passionate about education so I also volunteered for an afterschool program for underserved high school students. It was while working with these students that I witnessed first hand inequity in our public education system. I decided to pursue my MBA/MA Education at Stanford to facilitate a career change to education.

Because of my technical background, I found myself drawn to identifying ways technology could be used as a lever for change in education. I was fortunate to land a role investing in early stage education technology at NewSchools Venture Fund and get a macro-level view of the industry. We recently spun out the edtech investing work to Reach Capital, where I focus on providing startup capital and support to startups focused on issues of access and opportunity in education.

Who has been your most important professional mentor and why?…