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[PROFILE] In 25 Words or Less: Jennifer Madden (Candidate)

Jennifer Madden
Jennifer Madden

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In 25 Words or Less

Posted: March 7, 2016

Name: Jennifer Madden
Age: 40s • Status: Single • Kids: No
Place of Birth: Ohio • Raised: Clovis, CA
Professional Background: I am an attorney who currently heads the Human Exploitation and Trafficking Unit at the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. I supervise a trial team and train law enforcement and educate the public about Human Trafficking and how to best serve victims of this epidemic.
What achievement or position are you most known for? To date, it is making the decision to run for a position of Judge on the Alameda County Superior Court.
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Editor’s Note: Jennifer is currently a candidate for Judge – Alameda County Superior Court.
Job(s) held that is most unlike what I currently do now: Serving food in the dorm cafeteria at Cal; selling toy airplanes in the mall as a teenager.
Field: Law, specifically criminal prosecution
Title: Assistant District Attorney
Yrs of Experience: 18
Company: Alameda County District Attorney’s Office – Alameda County, CA
What it does and what I do: We charge and prosecutes criminal cases within Alameda County. I head the team who prosecuted those who exploit victims by way of Human Trafficking.
Current Big Project: We are working on reducing the demand for commercial sex by 20% in 2 years.
Staffing/Resource Needs: We are looking for students for our summer fellowship program. Apply at www.HEAT-watch.org.
Organizations: Charles Houston Bar Association, California Association of Black Lawyers.
Significant Challenge: There isn’t enough time to do everything that must be done. I am constantly reprioritizing work and making sure that my internal deadlines make sense.
Significant Mistake/Regret: I should have gotten an MBA while I was in law school. I didn’t want to be an additional year as a student.
Significant Accomplishment: I am very proud of the programs I helped to establish for girls who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation.
Biggest Strength(s): I am good at working collaboratively and I am passionate about my work.
Biggest Weakness(es): Sometimes I work too much…is that a weakness??
Career Advice: Find work for which you are passionate. That is the best advice that I could give anyone…oh, and have good mentors.
Significant Challenge: I am currently running for a seat as Judge on the Alameda County Superior Court. Running a campaign while working full-time is intense.
Significant Accomplishment: Being able to construct a life that brings me a lot of joy and fulfillment. I genuinely treasure every day!
Life Advice: Find friends who support your dreams and do not let others stifle your dreams and aspirations. Go for it!
Trait(s) most admired in others: Loyalty and a good sense of humor.
Some causes/organizations I support: The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, which supports low-income women with cancer and Habitat for Humanity.
Hours of “personal” downtime/week: 21
Favorite activity(s) in my personal downtime: Eating out and travel.
Some of my favorite local hangouts: Ozumo, any place with a good burger and the Claremont (old version).
Some of my favorite TV shows: Anything on Bravo and anything related to crime.
Favorite Vacation Spot(s): Paris, Dubai and any place with a warm beach.
Place(s) I would like to visit: Japan, South Africa, Ghana and Thailand.
Favorite Pastime/Hobby(s): Travel, travel, travel.
Favorite Book(s): The Catcher in the Rye, The Color Purple and anything written by James Patterson.
Some of my most-admired people (excluding parents): Anyone who defied the odds and did it, when everyone said that it wasn’t possible.
Something about me that may surprise you: One day I would like to move to a farm and have a lot of exotic animals.