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[PHOTOS] Tech Inclusion SF (2018)

Tech Inclusion 2018
Tech Inclusion 2018

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Event: Tech Inclusion 2018
Pictured: Arlan Hamilton, Wayne Sutton, Melinda Briana Epler
Date: Oct 15-17, 2018
Location: The Bentley Reserve, San Francisco
Photo Credit: Yuliana Taylor

Created by Change Catalyst, Tech Inclusion events bring the local tech industry together to drive solutions to diversity and inclusion: executives, hiring managers, human resources, data scientists, engineers, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and diversity and inclusion advocates.

Tech Inclusion discussed the current state of diversity and inclusion and focused on solutions: what’s working now, what else is needed, and how attendees can contribute to developing a more inclusive tech economy. Solutions explored included inclusive and accessible products, company culture change, diverse hiring and increasing the diversity of the talent pipeline, inclusive startups and venture capital, policy and advocacy, artificial intelligence and the future of technology …. and more.

There are few other events like this, focused on diversity and truly delivering a diversity of presenters and panelists, as well as a comparable audience of diverse attendees. Tech Inclusion is where people connect and collaborate with others who care, deepen their understanding of the issues, and take away solutions to implement immediately.

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