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[PHOTOS] “Our Family Dinner” Is Not Your Typical Family Dinner

slider-our family dinner-sf-feb2015
slider-our family dinner-sf-feb2015

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Event: Our Family Dinner
Date: February 2015
Location: Morton’s The Steakhouse, San Francisco
Photos: Larry Wong Photography

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Family Dinner Brings Together Young Professionals for Fellowship, Not Networking
Our Family Dinner ” is a social meeting of educated strangers who gather for the sole purpose of simply breaking bread together. There is no other agenda, mission or purpose. It’s not a networking event or a place to put on social airs, but rather, simply a bunch of strangers hoping to meet a kindred spirit amongst the crowd. More from Ebony>>

Our Family Dinner: Breaking Bread With Black Millennials
Our Family Dinner is an initiative to awaken a tradition that most of us have forgotten or replaced with the tapping of keys on an assortment of digital devices. It’s an attempt to reinvent “the old fashion way of making friends” by breaking bread with people who are strangers upon arrival to the restaurant, but become like family before your departure. Adjah attempts to allow people to share the positive experience of expanding their palates in unique settings with new people. More from Uptown>>

About Our Family Dinner
Purpose: Making people feel at home…at home
Mission: To improve the well-being of young adults by facilitating authentic + loving social interactions and relationships
Background: Founded in New in 2008, the community-based family dinner tradition hosts thousands of young adults over family style dinners twice a year to build community in major cities all over the world. 28 cities and growing… [visit website]

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