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New Democratic Club Created In Honor of Former SF Supervisor Willie B. Kennedy

Oath of Office-1503-X2-edit
Oath of Office-1503-X2-edit

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Date: Thursday, April 3, 2014
Location: California State Building, San Francisco
Pictured: Honorable Willie L. Brown, Supervisor Malia Cohen, Lance Burton, Dr. Toye Moses, Julius Turman Esq.,Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt, Micah Fobbs, Darolyn Davis, Mary Jung, Shamann Walton, Leah Pimentel, Lamonte Bishop, Linda Fedeke Richardson, Art Taylor, Lisa Williams, Dwayne Jones, Mawuli Tugbenyoh, Senator Mark Leno, Supervisor David Chiu. Scroll to bottom for additional photos.
Photos by: Planet Fillmore Communications

(San Francisco, CA) Chartered by the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, the newly formed Willie B. Kennedy Democratic Club (WBKDC) hosted its swearing in ceremony on April 3, 2014, 5:30 pm at the California State Building in San Francisco.

In attendance was honored guest State Senator Mark Leno and former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. who administered the Oath of Office. A key objective of the WBKDC is to enhance the visibility, preserve and promote the positive image of former San Francisco Supervisor Willie B. Kennedy, who left an enduring legacy of public service and community empowerment throughout San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

“The mission of the Willie B. Kennedy Democratic Club is to encourage voters to exercise their voting rights. We want to educate and inspire future voters to register and to get involved in the democratic process,” said WBKDC President, Toye Moses.

Willie B. Kennedy was a kindhearted and caring woman with a passion for fairness and inspiring change. After serving on the city’s Human Rights Commission and the Redevelopment Agency Commission, she served as a San Francisco Supervisor from 1981 to 1996. Kennedy focused on continuing to serve through boards and advocacy for the Bayview Hunters Point community. She was a committed woman who motivated many young women. She was a co-author, and a key component in the success, of the Chapter 14B Ordinance, mandating a portion of city contracts be set aside for women and minority owned businesses.

“She was an amazing woman who inspired underrepresented communities and truly believed that government at all levels must be responsive and accountable to the needs of all people,” said Veronica Hunnicutt, WBKDC 1st Vice President.

“The Club truly supports my grandmother’s passion for engaging all people in the democratic process,” said WBKDC Financial Secretary, Micah J. Fobbs. “Our family is proud to have an organization named in her honor.”

In her honor, the Willie B. Kennedy Democratic Club will organize, partner and engage ethnic groups and stakeholders throughout the City on issues that affect African-American and other underrepresented communities. They will contribute to the growth of young African-American middle and high school students in San Francisco through education about democracy, and developing leadership and mentorship programs.

Additionally, the WBKDC will support and elect Democratic candidates at local, State and Federal levels of government, and will endorse for or against City and State propositions and lobby for or against any proposed legislation that is of interest to African-American, underserved communities and in the best interests of the City and County of San Francisco.


The Willie B. Kennedy Democratic Club advocates for voters accessing their rights, inspires participation in the democratic process for African-Americans, and preserves the positive image of former San Francisco Supervisor Willie B. Kennedy. Founding members include; Toye Moses, President; Veronica Hunnicutt 1stPresident; Mary Jung, Parliamentarian; Darolyn Davis, Treasurer; Leah Pimentel, Secretary; Micah J. Fobbs, Financial Secretary; Linda Fadeke Richardson, Chair PAC; Lisa Williams, Co-Chair PAC; Shamann Walton, Membership Chair; Alma Robinson, Counsel/Board Member; and Executive Committee Board Members: Lamonte Bishop, Gwyneth Borden, Everett Brandon, Lance Burton, Dwyane Jones, Fred Jordan, and Art Taylor.

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