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Meet JoeSam

Jan Mabry talks to world-renowned artist JoeSam.

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Jan Mabry talks to world-renowned artist JoeSam – July 2012 (05:24)

Meet professor, historian and mixed-media artist JoeSam.  Jan Mabry caught up with him at his show at the Lush Life Gallery in San Francisco’s Fillmore District.  He talked about his life, his art, and his take on the African American experience.

To say artist JoeSam is prolific would be an understatement… his work spans 2 centuries… and he continues to create.

He holds a doctorate degree in education and psychology, taught at Columbia University…

His shows, exhibits, awards and honors are too numerous to even try and count.  JoeSam is an artist, a doctor, a historian… and an amazing storyteller.

Source: The Bounce Report