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Ella Fitzgerald Tribute at SFNoir – Ledisi


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Understanding sf|noir with Kamala Harris and Michael DeFlorimonte & clip from Ella Fitzgerald Tribute at the Palace of Fine Arts – February 2004 (07:23)

sf|noir was founded in 2001 out of a passion for artistic expression and a desire to help bring about a greater awareness of the contributions of African Americans to arts and culture.

The organization was also formed to fill a void that has been continually expanding in San Francisco, whereby the visibility of African American “creatives” and the culture and communities they represent has been shrinking, with the current African American population accounting for less than 3% of San Francisco’s total population.

The City of San Francisco provided a generous grant to sf|noir in 2001 from the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and helped to advance the organization’s directives. sf|noir‘s signature event is the annual San Francisco Black History Month Celebration. Throughout the year they partner with other arts and civic organizations and produce timely and innovative programming to keep our audiences at the cutting edge.

Courtesy of SFNoir