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Wine and Romance in Carmel and Vendange Inn & Suites

Demanding deadlines at work. Soccer games every week. Homework every night. House cleaning, laundry, cooking and the list goes on and on. Too often couples get into the routine of the day to day that they forget to stop and reconnect with each other. Date nights are making a comeback to reconnect while weekend getaways are always perfect for falling in love again.

Just around 74 miles down Highway 101 and 1 from San Francisco is the quaint town of Carmel, only minutes from Monterrey. Home to a growing wine country, the city was recently ranked #3 by Travel & Leisure magazine in February for “The World’s Best Cities for Romance,” falling behind Paris and Venice. Not to be …MORE >>

Rushion McDonald's Passion for Perfect Baking

Nothing can make your tummy do a happy dance quite like brown sugar monkey bread, buttery sweet potato pie or baked banana pudding, says two-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer and award-winning baker Rushion McDonald. Dessert lovers are downloading a free video series, gobbling up and enjoying more than two dozen recipes that are part of McDonald’s new baking bonanza partnership with makers of the Perfect Bake Smart Scale.

Imagine measuring, to perfection, all the correct ingredients to bake a delicious peach cobbler or pink/red velvet cupcakes in minutes without making a mess of your kitchen. McDonald, an executive producer of the “Steve Harvey” talk show, says he’s confident anyone can bake well, even if he or she has never baked anything …MORE >>

Luxury Wine Crawls Expand to New Cities and Experiences

If you are looking to learn about wine and meet new people at the same time, keep reading to find out how. Curating gourmet food and wine experiences in luxury and style is Glenn Murray, founder of Wine Crawl based in Chicago. Launched in 2013, Wine Crawl is a private wine tour that hosts up to 60 people at popular wine bars and wineries as well as restaurants in select cities.

“I wanted to do something that was a little more upscale than a beer crawl. This is a more upscale version of it. We use luxury limos, we use luxury coaches, we do food and wine pairings, we go to four or five-star restaurants most of the time, so it …MORE >>

Chef Sylva Senat: A Dream Restaurant Rises from Flames in Philly

A ringing phone before sunrise signaled an end to the original plan for Maison 208 in Philadelphia. An arson fire destroyed the reconstructed building where Sylva Senat and partner Maze Hospitality were scheduled to open a new restaurant. It has taken more than two years for a new dream to rise from what remained at the location in the Washington Square West neighborhood.

“We had to start from scratch. We had to start with a new designer,” says Senat, the chef/owner of Maison 208. “We had to knock down the only thing that was remaining and build it up again.” More than two years later, a new vision awaits diners who want to experience New American cuisine prepared with French techniques and a touch of southern …MORE >>

Oxnard Juneteenth Event to Celebrate the Power of Greens

As an adult, I love hearing stories from others who shared the same fate as I did growing up; picking greens every Saturday afternoon for Sunday dinner. Collards mixed with turnips, turnips mixed with mustards or collards and cabbage; all of course seasoned with bacon, ham hocks or some other salty pork meat. The weekly ritual entailed cooking a big pot on the stove for hours to render the tastiest potlikker (pot liquor). When I got old enough to put my green picking days beyond me, you best believe I did. Then they came back. Today, there is no shame in my game as I channel my mom in the produce aisle going through bunches that will be used in my sautéed …MORE >>

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