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Writer - Director Prentice Penny

In 2014, Prentice Penny headed over to Paris for his cousin’s destination wedding. Not much of a wine drinker, he, however, was familiar with France’s reputation for making world-renowned wines and said if he was ever going to get into wine, this trip would be the perfect time.

Doing just that, he says, “I took a Wine 101 class at this wine bar in Paris and the guy made it super easy to understand. He broke down the regions, what all the labels meant and what I should be looking for, what Grand Cru meant vs. this and I just got into wine that trip.” Not only did he begin to think about wine differently, but the trip also inspired something else he wanted …MORE >>

Alexander Smalls Lives Life with Purpose Through Food and Music

For as long as he could remember, food has always played a role in Alexander Smalls’ life. Growing up in Spartanburg, South Carolina, it was the path between his house and his paternal grandfather’s that led to a lifetime of memories and culinary influences that shaped his life as a James Beard award-winning chef, restaurateur and cookbook author.

“I wore that path out,” laughs Smalls from his home in Harlem. By the time we connected by phone, he was well into his day which habitually starts at 5 a.m. and includes multiple cups of his favorite tea, Earl Grey.

“I grew up with food being at the very foundation of who we were,” he says, vividly remembering how the family gathered for meals and “showed out” when …MORE >>

Celebrity Guests Gather in the Kitchen for Great Conversations on Season 2 of  Just Eats with Chef JJ

With the new season of his hit cooking show, “Just Eats with Chef JJ,” airing on CLEO TV, chef JJ Johnson has plenty to talk about. Since the debut of season two last month, viewers are loving not only the guests joining the New York chef in the kitchen but the recipes too.

“This season I was super focused on making you feel like you were with me through the whole process and you can make this dish at home. Last season we really didn’t give out recipes. People really wanted that,” says Johnson during our phone interview.

As viewers tune in each Saturday, they are always in for a good time as Johnson and his guests laugh and cook some of the tastiest recipes on TV. …MORE >>

Le Dome Celebration Champagne Truffles

A celebration is defined as the action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion. This can be a milestone birthday, a significant anniversary or even a career accomplishment. No matter the occasion, a grand celebration can always be elevated by incorporating two items: Champagne and chocolate. So why not combine the two into one delightful mouthful of delicious goodness that’s shaped like a cork. That’s exactly what Joel and Kharye Davis did with Le Dome Champagne Truffles.

Background Magic

They say everything happens for a reason, but no one could predict the chance meeting of Joel, who is from St. Louis, Missouri and Kharye, a native of San Diego, California. It happened on the campus of the University of Central Missouri …MORE >>

The dish gniiri by Le French Bakery & Cafe in Denver

Long before two sisters traveled on different paths to America, they dreamed of one day working together in their own restaurant. The opening of Le French Bakery & Cafe in the Belleview Station area of the Denver Tech Center last April brought Aminata and Rougui Dia’s vision to life.

“We are amazed. We have people who are coming into the restaurant, and they just want to hug us. That’s how excited they were to have us in the community,” says Aminata Dia, who goes by Ami. The 77-seat modern, chic bakery and bistro is one of several restaurants offering Parisian food that opened in Denver around the same time. It created a buzz that focused attention on the two Senegalese-French sisters presenting French cuisine with a …MORE >>

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