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The Pulsating Beauty of Salvador da Bahia

Africa, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean are places we think of and are familiar with when it comes to the African Diaspora. However, there is another place I have grown to love and feel extremely close to because of its African ancestry and that place is Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. Keep in mind that Brazil has the second largest black population outside of the United States. A large portion of that Afro-Brazilian population lives in Salvador da Bahia, better known as the Land of Alegria (Joy).

From the moment you arrive in the city of Salvador, within the state of Bahia, you’ll see beautiful brown and black Afro- Brazilian faces that make strong African influences clearly visible. Bahians of all hues are …MORE >>

Target's California Roots Wine

If you haven’t heard by now, Target now offers a new wine brand, California Roots. It comes in five varietals: chardonnay, moscato, pinot grigio, cabernet sauvignon and red blend with the all containing at least 13 percent alcohol, except for the moscato. The best part, each cost only $5.

The reds hold their own and make a store brand proud. The whites serve a purpose without breaking the bank. Browse the tasting notes below and let us know which wine you’re picking up at Target tonight. Cheers!

The Chardonnay

Perfect as an after-work cooldown, the chardonnay emits a light oaky fragrant. The crisp green apples give it a hint of sweetness. The white wine left the palate dry and bitter which some drinkers prefer.

The Moscato

The …MORE >>

Chef Ace Champion's Good Food Revolution

If the name hasn’t already piqued your interest, how about the fact that this is a chef who is legally 100 percent blind in his right eye? Not only did chef Ace Champion successfully overcome a life changing experience, he blazed a trail all his own along the way. This is a man on a mission, preaching and practicing a healthy food revolution, and he’s taking you on this journey.

The author of “8 Steps to a Perfect Meal,” Champion puts forth concepts such as visualization and presentation in a step-by-step methodical manner through his self-help cookbook, interspersed with stories from his own life. As his inspiration, he attributes the book “The Secret” and applying some of the principles he learned not to just his lifestyle …MORE >>

When it Comes to Vegan Dining in Philly, The Home of The Cheesesteak Proudly Vedges Out

It’s a curious thing that Philadelphia, a city so renowned for its cheesesteaks and roast pork sandwiches, could also foster one of the nation’s most robust vegan food scenes, with new additions popping up every year. Upscale diners can find delight in the shared plates at Vedge and the coursed and home-style elegance of Miss Rachel’s Pantry, while those seeking a quick bite can swing by Goldie for falafel or Blackbird Pizza for fare that is more traditionally Philadelphian. Factor in some coffee shops, bars and even a diner, and vegan eaters will see—and taste—that the city’s offerings have something for every palate, day or night.

Here’s a look at some of Philadelphia’s vegan treasures:


All the Way Live Café – Alkalizing foods (select fruits, vegetables …MORE >>

Zys_Oakland: Restaurant to Offer Second Chances and Service to Community

Some of the most successful businesses spring from a place of personal passion. This is certainly the case for Zorina Price, founder of Zys_Oakland. With the upcoming launch of the Oakland-based vegetarian restaurant, Price plans to offer employment opportunities to vetted, nonviolent ex-offenders while fulfilling her mission to bring people together over food, serve the community and enhance the quality of life of others.

The unfortunate fact is that, when ex-offenders aren’t provided with productive opportunities to reintegrate in their communities, the outcomes can be daunting. Statistically, only three out of 10 previously incarcerated individuals are able to re-enter society successfully on their own, and 65 percent return to jail within three years without some type of outreach. Price is fully committed to doing her part …MORE >>

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