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Sophia Musoki (who goes by Sophie) is a 24-year-old food blogger from Kampala, Uganda. Her blog, A Kitchen in Uganda is one of the first, if not the only, food blogs that showcases Ugandan cuisine on a global scale. Since its inception in 2014, it has been recognized by CNN African Voices and shortlisted for Saveur Magazine blog awards, and her e-book won the Gourmand World Cooking Award.

Musoki chats with me from Jamaica, where she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in business management and entrepreneurship at the Northern Caribbean University. I wanted to learn a little more about Ugandan cuisine and how she is setting it up to take the global stage.

Why did you start blogging?

I aspired to cook since I …MORE >>

This article was originally posted in the Boston Globe

Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor is the coziest corner of Four Corners in Dorchester, an island of calm at the busy intersection where Washington meets three other streets. The little restaurant is painted vivid saffron, red, cobalt, green. Potted plants, dream catchers, and a mural of pyramids and palm trees are among the decorations, an assortment of crystals on the counter. A message written above a window reads: “Everything made with love.”

Those aren’t empty words.

Jahriffe Mackenzie and Nahdra Ra Kiros just marked the first anniversary of their restaurant, along with partner Chesterfield Coppin. To celebrate, they threw a free party with live music and invited the whole community. Mackenzie is the frontman for reggae band JAH-N-I Roots Movement …MORE >>

The next time you’re in the wine aisle at your local grocery or wine store, think Port. Interest for the world’s most notable fortified wine has been reviving over the years after a slight decline. Thanks to an innovative cocktail culture as well as Port producers adapting to today’s wine world, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of the vino classic that dates back to the 1880s.

If you have a passion for wine and travel, then grab your passport and head over to Portugal, specifically the Douro Valley, where Port has been made for centuries. The wine’s name is derived from the coastal city of Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, located on the mouth of the Douro River. Here is …MORE >>

Traveling in style can have different interpretations. For London-based apparel business owner Caroline Sande, that means traveling in comfort while making a bold statement. She created a clothing line with just that in mind. “I started the business two years ago while working in a company where I traveled the world for events management and conferences,” says Sande. “It occurred that it would be nice while traveling to have something iconic to wear to make a bold statement. I like travel and food so I merged the two to create #traveleatslay.”

A travel apparel line geared for millennials, the offerings currently include black and white hoodies, t-shirts and vests in 100 percent cotton for casual, comfortable travel. The large TravelEatSlay logo up front boldly announces Sande’s …MORE >>

Originally published in Atlanta Magazine

In the fall of 2019, if all goes according to plan, New York City–based chef Marcus Samuelsson will release a cookbook called A Moving Feast: Recipes and Stories of Soul Food’s Journey North. Through the lens of food, it will share accounts of the Great Migration, the massive movement of black people from the rural South to the urban centers of the Northeast and Midwest during the 20th century.

A Moving Feast will feature more than 100 photographs of food, restaurants, chefs, and cooks that characterize the Great Migration. Nearly every image will have been captured by photographer Angie Mosier, a lifelong Atlantan who is preternaturally talented, excessively humble, and unmistakably white.

Her portfolio, though, is a melting pot. Mosier’s diverse portrait subjects, …MORE >>

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