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Monique Boyd's Game Plan Makes Her a Winner with the Dallas Cowboys and in Life

Any loyal football fan will tell you that real winners never give up because of a losing season. They keep fighting to defeat whatever stands in the way of victory. That is the same spirit demonstrated by Monique Boyd, the director of special events and catering for Legends Hospitality at AT&T Stadium, the Home of the Dallas Cowboys. “I had a three-year-old who depended on me, and I didn’t have a choice,”says Boyd.

After a life-long battle with thyroid disease, her voice fills with emotion as she explains how she came back from a health crisis. Her condition worsened in August of 2000 causing her to go into a coma and leaving her unable to read, talk or work when she woke up five days later. …MORE >>

A Mother's Passion for Cooking Builds a Family Legacy in Nebraska

At an age when people dream of retiring, a wife and mother of five daughters poured her time and energy into her first restaurant. Years of preparing home-cooked meals for her family, friends and neighbors inspired Patricia Barron’s vision for Big Mama’s Kitchen & Catering in Nebraska. “My mom, she loves to feed people,” says Gladys Harrison, Barron’s fourth daughter. “She learned how to cook biscuits from her grandmother Lillie on a wood burning stove when she was six-years-old. That same recipe that her grandmother showed her is the same recipe that we use today.”

Most of the food served at the restaurant “Big Mama” opened in 2007 comes from dishes her grandmother and mother Lena taught her to make while she was growing up in …MORE >>

5 Afro-Latinx People to Watch This Black History Month

There’s a meme floating around that reads, “Africa is the greatest ghost writer of all time.” In our everyday lives, we see multiple examples of why we can’t deny this to be true. From the foods we eat, to the way we travel and even down to how we experience things, the history of our ancestors lives on.

Many who have Latin heritage and are of African descent are making strides in the hospitality industry right now. They’re individuals we should all be proud to have on the front lines representing the culture, no matter the blend. Here’s our list of ones to watch:

Yenory Garcia-Pouncil

Committed to providing healthier options to food lovers, iAmHealthyFit is changing how we consume food. After facing challenges with her …MORE >>

Essential Tips for Your First African Safari in Kenya

Kenya has some of the best-preserved wildlife and to see it with your own eyes is a dream come true. As I drove in a rustic jeep through the vast expanse of the Masai Mara watching, herds of zebras, giraffes, wildebeest and prides of lions walk past me, it feels nothing short of being in a National Geographic documentary itself.

If you are planning a visit to see the African wildlife, here are a few things to know beforehand.

When to go?

June through October are the peak seasons to visit Kenya as rainfall is minimal and temperatures are cooler. While wildlife viewing is great throughout the year, you’ll see the most animals during the great migration, an annual event where hundreds of thousands of wildebeest …MORE >>

These Four Caribbean Chefs Describe Food in Their Own Terms

(Photo: Chef Stephan Berrouet Durand)

With a total of 28 countries in the Caribbean, each has its own history and cultural personality that extends well into the food we have all come to love. Like the people, Caribbean cuisine is so diverse that many often get it wrong or confused with other cuisines such as Jamaican based on what seems to be popular and/or reported on in the media and industry circles.

But we wanted to set the record straight and let four chefs who represent the Caribbean as well as their native countries tell us in their own words what Caribbean cuisine is and what it is not and why is it on the rise to take the culinary world by storm.

Chef Stephan Berrouet …MORE >>

V. Sheree Williams  - Photo #2

V. Sheree Williams


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