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Here is a personal fact, cheesecake is my top guilty pleasure and by far my favorite dessert. So much so that I once entered an office dessert contest with my version of a New York cheesecake with a brownie on the bottom. It was sugar intense, but it was go hard or go home. I went home with accolades and second place.

Along similar lines but with a different twist is artisan cheesecake baker Charles Farrier who founded Crumble & Whisk Patisserie after his cheesecake for an office potluck captured co-workers’ taste buds, leaving them wanting more. Soon he was receiving requests to buy and then encouragement to take his baking further into an actual business. Taking heed to that advice, he …MORE >>


Blacks in Wine, Beer and Spirits Around the World

From California to South Africa and beyond, this directory is your roundtrip ticket to enjoy some of the best wines, beers and spirits along with getting to know the people making it all happen.

This international directory of black wineries, breweries and spirit makers is the first of its kind and has grown since we launched it in 2012. With a pulse on these three industries, we’ll be sure to keep you posted about who is new as well as how the veterans continue to change the game.

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Abbey Creek Vineyard | Oregon

Winemaker Bertony Faustin plants the vines, tends to them, …MORE >>

There is a sign on the side of the road as you begin to drive down Highway 121 that not only welcomes you to Sonoma County but makes a point to let you know that you are in the “real wine country.” I chuckle at the snobbery and continue enjoying the sights while passing one of my favorite wineries, Gloria Ferrer. I am headed to an early wine tasting and interview with Lloyd Davis, owner of Corner 103, the city and county’s only black-owned winery out of more than 400.

I fall in love with the quaint and rustic Northern California city after each visit. My vision board once had a dream glued to it about owning a place there for my …MORE >>

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After more than a decade as a favorite hangout for locals, tourists, rap artists and Golden State Warriors players alike, Tanya Holland’s iconic West Oakland soul food spot, Brown Sugar Kitchen, will soon cease to exist in its current form.

Holland told Inside Scoop the restaurant will close on May 18 and re-open on June 6 as Brown Sugar Test Kitchen. She plans to use the concept as a dinner pop-up space where she will also test recipes.

“It’s something we’ve even thinking about doing for a while,” Holland said.

Holland is also working on a counter-service oriented restaurant called Brown Sugar Kitchen Counter she plans to open at San Francisco’s Ferry Building later this year.

The Brown Sugar Kitchen Counter menu will have the …MORE >>

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Bryant Terry, author of “Afro Vegan” and the chef-in-residence at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco, will give a free talk Tuesday as part of this year’s Get Lit Festival.

This marks his first visit to Spokane, where he’ll be talking about his life as an eco-chef, vegan and food activist. His talk is sponsored by the Hagan Center for the Humanities at Spokane Community College in partnership with Get Lit.

Here, we get to know the 44-year-old James Beard Leadership Award-winning chef a bit better.

Any places in particular you are hoping to eat while you are here? I have heard good things about Mizuna.

What’s your favorite dish to cook at home? Tortilla soup. My daughters love it.

What are …MORE >>

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