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It is no doubt that meatless options have been gaining traction over the years with the pandemic fueling more interest from those new to the vegan and vegetarian market. With news of prices possibly increasing for meats as a result of production plants shutting down due to COVID-19, several reports and articles such as the one in The New York Times are noting that the sales of vegan products are increasing upward of 25% or more as suppliers rev up production to keep up with demand.

We have written several articles over the years featuring individuals, restaurants and products where a meatless diet is a way of life. The most recent one to check out is the article, “Is 2020 the Year …MORE >>

Wellness coach Alexis O'Reilly

If career happiness is at the intersection of skill and enjoyment, Alexis O’Reilly has officially hit the jackpot and found her true calling.

An Ohio native, O’Reilly moved from the United States to Costa Rica in 2018 with her husband and four-year-old son, seeking an escape from a sedentary lifestyle. After years of working in product development, O’Reilly was left with little career flexibility as a working mom and her husband was itching to leave office life behind. As a family, they’d vacationed in the same town, Nosara, in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica over the years and always felt at home with both the locals and diverse expats. Once they’d made up their minds to become expats themselves, they found a school for …MORE >>

ZABICOLife founder Gladstone St. Auburn Etienne

The tea brand eyes the luxury herbal tea segment to promote medicinal properties.

According to the World Market Tea Report 2020, the international tea market is expected to reach a value of $235.75 billion by 2024. The market increase in interest over the years is due in part to consumers becoming more aware of the tea varieties they buy as well as wanting to learn about tea origins and growers. They are also viewing tea as a wellness beverage to be enjoyed leisurely. Looking to deliver what consumers are looking for is tea connoisseur Gladstone St. Auburn Etienne, who is blending premier luxury tisanes, or herbal teas, through his herbal tea lifestyle company established in 2016. At ZABICOLife, he offers eight …MORE >>

Veggies and fruits at house of Yolanda Whitaker

I remember my favorite “Martin” episodes like they just aired yesterday. One finds Yolanda Whitaker, known to hip hop fans as Yo-Yo, with best friends Sheneneh and Bonquisha on the way to a club with Tommy driving. The mispronunciation of her name Keylolo by Tommy makes for an unforgettable comedic moment. The second episode takes us to a talent show put on by Martin as a fundraiser where Keylolo and Sheneneh perform. Let’s just say, their performance still has me laughing just as hard more than 20 years later.

These days Whitaker is enjoying a slower pace brought on by the onset of the coronavirus. The Southern California native is traveling less and cooking more for her daughters and husband while …MORE >>

Rainbow chard at a farmer's market

As a certified instructor of plant-based nutrition and a former national lead healthy cooking and nutrition educator, I am thrilled to research, interview and compile the data for this article. I desire to provide clarity around the vegan/vegetarian controversy, as well as the concerns of healthy available options.

Knowledge is power and the knowledge of food and nutrition is one of the most powerful elements in life. Some may say it’s the key to the true fountain of youth. Others have said, based on economic status, it’s the right of some and not of others.

Recently, I reached out to notable names in the plant-based game to contribute: Stephanie Williams (California Vegan Actress and Foodie), Monica Bumbury (a London-based vegan recipe developer) and Tracye McQuirter, MPH (the …MORE >>

V. Sheree Williams  - Photo #2

V. Sheree Williams


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