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Long before a billion-dollar revitalization project transformed the downtown Camden, New Jersey waterfront, a hometown star dreamed of changing his city’s tarnished reputation. Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. envisioned a row of restaurants and thriving businesses replacing vacant lots and empty storefronts. That picture is starting to take shape for him on Market Street because of the attention he attracted as the host of the Food Network show, “Big Daddy’s House.”

“It couldn’t have been but a blessing from God to be able to actually host a show. I never thought in a million years that I would be on TV and the center of a show about what I love to do,” McCargo says. The Camden native’s celebrity grew in the years following the show’s debut …MORE >>

Autism Influencer and Baker Jeremiah Josey

At only 20 years old, Jeremiah Josey is a Maryland-based baker, model, author and inspirational speaker. He has walked the New York Fashion Week runway, appeared on Steve Harvey’s show three times, and was recently called out as one of 14 top autism influencers on social media by ‘Autism on The Mighty‘ community. And he has accomplished all this while suffering from autism, a development disorder that restricts one’s communication skills.

Josey started baking with his grandmother in his early teens. Her sunny side up eggs called “egg in a basket,” that she often made, enamored him. He learned to perfect the eggs and set off to discover a world of pastries and desserts. Be it the holidays, family birthdays, or weekends, Josey …MORE >>

The holidays are the perfect time to explore new pours and other festive beverages we’ve heard about all year long. We turned to some of our trusted wine fiends for their picks to celebrate the next few weeks and into the new year, and, of course, they delivered. Surely there’s a pairing here perfect for your plate and palate as you plan to entertain and dine with friends and family. Take a look at some of these selections from some of the top professionals in the wine industry — you might just find your new sip special or even an old personal favorite.

Tonya Pitts, Sommelier/Wine Director, One Market Restaurant

A food and beverage industry professional for more than 20 years, Pitts has been featured …MORE >>

2019 Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

I’m sharing gift ideas inspired by food, wine and travel this holiday season. They will bring you, your family and friends joy and happiness. The deals won’t last long. Browse the list and get to shopping!

Food-Related Gift Ideas

ePare’ Manual Coffee Grinder

This elegant grinder breaks down coffee beans at varying levels. Place them in the hopper and crank. The bottom gripper holds it in place. The glass bowl fits securely and unscrews without much force. It takes about 1-minute to clean. I didn’t think I needed one until I received this. I’m a fan.

Retail price: $49.95

Size: 6 ” x 3 ”


Discount code: EPARE10 for 10% off

Laconiko Olive Oil and Balsamic Customized Sample Gift Box

Run, don’t walk to purchase this gift box for …MORE >>

Planted Foods Original Chickpea Tuna

Planted Foods founder Ashley Kirk finds healing through plant-based lifestyle and startup.

When you think of the Bay Area, for many, Silicon Valley automatically comes to mind—the birthplace of startup culture. Sightings of millennials and techies alike buzzing around on motorized bikes to and from Palo Alto. But the Bay Area is also home to a growing entrepreneur community that spans diverse industries from art, health and wellness to food.

From Corporate Success to Entrepreneurship in the Vegan World

Ashley Kirk, an Oakland native, was at the height of her professional career working with Fortune 500 companies and C-level executives in 2012. “It was something I felt I was really good at. I connected well with working with companies and understanding the various types of businesses and industries. …MORE >>

V. Sheree Williams  - Photo #2

V. Sheree Williams


uisine Noir is the first online and print magazine about Blacks in food, wine and travel around the world and is published by Sheree Williams in Oakland. Cuisine Noir is a unique and entertaining publication that combines culinary traditions with new cultural experiences.  The magazine delivers what readers are looking for which is more than where to find the next great meal.  And most importantly, it is a culinary publication that compliments readers’ lifestyles and desire for a diverse culinary experience no matter where it is. Read more>>