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This Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, Jan. 20 will kick off an important initiative aimed at helping graduating students of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) pay off outstanding balances that may be preventing them from obtaining their degrees. Together, Jack and Jill of America, Inc. and Natural Grocers will join forces in a first-of-its-kind partnership for a strategic program called, “Supporting America’s Families Together.” The program will include an investment campaign inclusive of donations and customer fundraising, support of Jack and Jill’s Graduation Assistance Program (GAP) scholarship endowment fund and access to job and internship opportunities.

Supporting America’s HBCU Students

Each year, a growing number of students with remaining school debt are not allowed to graduate. This amount varies and can even …MORE >>

If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that once a pickle lover, always a pickle lover. I am sure that I am not alone when I say I love pickles sour, sweet, fried, as the flavor for popcorn and yes, even ice cream. The love affair is strong. So when the opportunity to try Angry Cukes Spicy Cucumber Slices by Doux South Pickles came across my desk, it was a no-brainer.

Where do I begin after eating two jars by myself? First, you’ll have to reimagine any prior pickle experiences, because this one is like no other. Elevating the Southern pickling tradition, the creation by Doux South is a jar filled with farm-fresh cucumbers in a brine of vinegar, toasted chili …MORE >>

Nicole Kearney, Founder of Sip & Share Wines

Nicole Kearney never thought she’d be making small batch wine for a living. In fact, she never thought she’d have a career outside of economic development and writing. Besides the fact that Indiana isn’t exactly known for its winemaking, Kearney worked in a variety of personally fulfilling fields for the last 20 years and winemaking was nowhere on that list.

Like most wine lovers, Kearney remembers the moment she got hooked; while pursuing her MFA. She spent countless hours with classmates chatting while opening and sharing bottles of wine. These informal sessions piqued her interest and created a hobby that would eventually snowball into a passion when Kearney stepped in to lead a wine tasting with friends after the original host never appeared. Soon, Kearney became …MORE >>

Sara Hood of Sara Lovestyle Movement shopping for vegetables

What does an African refugee, a food pop-up and a football player have in common? Sara Hood. Known to her fans as Sara Lovestyle, Hood is a lifestyle influencer for all things food, fitness and family. Her Lovestyle Movement “inspires power at the intersection of health, beauty and consciousness” as she connects with women, especially mothers of special needs children, to discover their very own Lovestyle to live their very best lives.

Born With a Purpose

Born in a refugee camp to parents from Ethiopia who fled to Sudan as teenagers during the Ethiopian Civil War, Hood was 4-years-old when her smile captured the hearts of an American family in a photograph. A church in Virginia later sponsored her family to live in the U.S., where she …MORE >>

Ushuaia, Argentina

You’re going where? Why? That’s how my friends responded when I told them I was traveling to do a story on Antarctica tourism for CNN back in December of 2000. Back then, only about 15,000 people visited Antarctica annually, but today the coldest place on earth is one of the hottest travel destinations with about 45,000 visitors a year. Antarctica is also one of the most challenging places to reach, so travelers must visit during the southern hemisphere’s summer — the winter months for the U.S. — when the ice melts enough to allow access to the continent’s outer banks. December is a great time to tour the seventh continent and Blacks are way behind when it comes to cruising the bottom of the world. …MORE >>

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V. Sheree Williams


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