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Spicy, Tasty Cookbooks with Cornbread

“Eat to live, don’t live to eat,” is a phrase many of us have heard. Husband and wife team, Naasira Ageela (aka Mama Naasira) and Dr. Joe Bledsoe, have redefined, uplifted and added pizzazz to that concept by sharing their remarkable vegan lifestyle through their recipes, books, talks, classes, website and their homestraunt (a restaurant in their home) in the West African country of The Gambia.

Moving From America to Africa

The couple moved from Oakland, Calif. to the capital city of The Gambia, Banjul, in 2016. The hope of sharing the wonders of their decades-old vegan way of life with citizens of their new homeland and ultimately throughout Africa inspired their move. They Twere met with open arms and a welcoming spirit that energized …MORE >>

Duuple's Abby Frimpong in a restaurant

When your worldviews inform your thoughts and actions, great ideas take shape. Such is the case with CEO of the challenge-based social good app Duuple, Abby Frimpong. Originally from Ghana and now calling the United States home, the avid traveler and foodie is on a mission to create change one download at a time. Duuple was inspired by her work internationally in the nonprofit arena and driven by the urge to empower social media users to do good worldwide.

Managing Two Worlds

Frimpong’s life experiences are diverse, given her Ghanaian upbringing and then immigration to the United States. Her father’s work as a diplomat and the fact that his siblings lived in the U.S. had her visiting the country frequently as a child. But the family moved …MORE >>

Exterior of Grind & Wine

After two Black men were arrested just for sitting and waiting for a friend at a Philadelphia Starbucks in April 2018, many Blacks started pushing for the support of Black-owned coffee shops. Luckily for Kelly Carter, she had just opened Grind & Wine six months earlier in Randallstown, Maryland, about 30 minutes northwest of Baltimore. But that wasn’t the reason the former marketing and advertising executive decided to venture into the hybrid coffee shop/wine bar arena.

Photo credit: Kalin Thomas

“I’m the executive director of the Liberty Road Business Association and I was listening to people say when we had events or meetings, there was a lack of sit-down restaurants. So I started thinking, ‘What can I do to make this happen?’ And I feel like …MORE >>

Kevin Sbraga's Sonny & Sons Fast-Casual Spot in Indiana

When your ambition in life is to succeed as a chef and own restaurants, the plan often requires recalibration. The founder of Sonny & Sons, a fast-casual eatery at Crave Food Hall in Purdue University’s Discovery Park, knows precisely what it means to rework a dream you have had since high school. Chef Kevin Sbraga did just that in August when he launched the restaurant named after his late father, Harvey “Sonny” Beachem.

“I really wanted to pay tribute and homage to him and the inspiration he has been all my life,” says Sbraga, principal of Sbraga Consulting. The hot chicken and southern sides on the Sonny & Sons menu are steeped in memories of his dad. The native of Willingboro, N.J., spent many …MORE >>

Statues in Cartegena, Colombia

Start your journey in the historic towns of Cartagena and Palenque.

Located on Colombia’s northern coast, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the city of Cartagena is best known for its colorful buildings, historic monasteries, an active nightlife, and pristine beaches; reminiscent of Old San Juan, Old Havana and Miami.

Pictured: Statues in Cartegena | Photo credit: Sucheta Rawal

Cartagena was the first Spanish colony on the South American continent and the first sanctuary for freed African slaves in the Americas. Evidence of Afro-Colombian history can be discovered on a guided walking tour of the walled city with Nicomedes Vergara Melendez (aka Nico) from Sion Tours. Melendez grew up not too far from here. Like most Colombians, he either knows everyone in town or gets to know them with …MORE >>

V. Sheree Williams  - Photo #2

V. Sheree Williams


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