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Sapiens Wine

The Atlanta-based coach is raising the bar in the beverage industry.

Creative mixologist Tiffanie Barriere is one of the most well-known names in the United States’ beverage industry. The influencer and educator has accolades aplenty to her credit but none she lets slow her down.

Coming from a mostly self-taught background, the BarSmarts graduate led the beverage program at the award-winning One Flew South Restaurant and Bar located in Georgia’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport before taking off on her own as an independent bartender.

Through the ebbs and flows of forging that solo career in the food and beverage space, she has steadily built a fan following for her creatively crafted cocktails, entertaining and educational mixology classes, and enlightening presentations on the topic of beverages. And, of …MORE >>

Ole' Orleans Wines founder Kim Lewis

The perfect beignet checks all the boxes. Whether you’re nostalgic for the tastes of New Orleans or looking for a way to switch up a breakfast routine, the fried treats with their cloud-like interior make everything better.

Husband and wife duo Heidi and Micah Stampley of Fayetteville, Georgia, want to make it easier for households across the country to get their hands on the famed New Orleans snack.

The couple, originally from New Orleans, got their culinary start opening their Cajun and Creole cafes, Orleans Brews and Beignets Coffeehouse and Café, in 2017. “Food has always been a part of our lives. We grew up around food and cooking with incredible cooks in our family. Louisiana’s known for their food and so that’s really where it started. …MORE >>

LS Cream founders Stevens Charles and Myriam Jean-Baptiste

Growing up in a Haitian household, the cuisine is a central part of the culture. During good or bad times, meals foster togetherness. Haitian-American Sebastian Joseph-Day of the L.A. Rams’ cultural upbringing guides him even closer to his community through food.

Growing Up Haitian

With both of Joseph-Day’s parents being from Haiti, his background involved many Haitian food traditions. “Being a Haitian-American, food has been a catalyst and a huge aspect for my family. Whenever there is a celebration, there is food. Whenever something bad happens, there is food. Food is a core value to us,” he says.

Born in New Jersey and raised in Pennsylvania, Joseph-Day reminisces on his mother and father making “immaculate meals.” Priding himself on how they prepared dishes with …MORE >>

Chef Omar Tate

According to a 2018 article by Civil Eats, there are fewer than ten Black-owned supermarkets in the entire country. While this number may or may not have increased within the last three years, Alexandra Bernard Simmons intends for her upcoming grocery store, aptly named Seneca Market, to be the first in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area.

The name is a nod to Seneca Village, the 19th-century African American settlement encompassing five acres in New York City’s modern-day Central Park. Founded in 1825 by free Black Americans, the residents were forced to leave in 1857 due to eminent domain to build Central Park.

Creating Black Wealth

A Bronx native, the former choreographer, who has worked on such projects such as the “ Step Up” …MORE >>

Aundrea Lacy, founder of Luv's Brownies

The month of February is of course the perfect time to celebrate love and what better way than with heart-shaped brownies from Luv’s Brownies, owned by Andrea Lacy. The San Jose, California entrepreneur started the business 25 years ago after a gesture of gratitude and a recipe mishap.

The award-winning brownies that double the chocolate for twice the deliciousness have been the cornerstone of Lacy’s incredible entrepreneurial journey that began in 1996. The brand’s success includes being the first online bakery at a time when e-commerce wasn’t even a known word; a far contrast today. In addition, national magazines and two published books offered a glimpse into her dessert enterprise.

But as any entrepreneur endures the ebb and flow of business, Lacy says, “There were a …MORE >>

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