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Giving, receiving and serving wine happens a lot throughout the year, even more so during the holidays. As wine professionals, I get a lot of questions about serving and storing wine and so here are six tips to make sure your guests not only enjoy what you have selected for them but that you can also for months and years to come.

Can you put ice in wine?

Tip #1: The short answer is no, especially in the presence of other people. Ice has two major negative effects on wine. First, it dilutes the wine with water as the ice melts and while desirable for drinking scotch, it is not for drinking wine. Second, ice absorbs flavors and aromas from the freezer, transferring those to the …MORE >>

Mount of Olives in Israel

Israel is a country built by immigrants and a melting pot of cultures, languages and traditions. It has a diverse population concentrated in a small area. Just walking through the food markets, one can see an array of influences from Mediterranean, North African, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines.

The country is the birthplace of many religions and attracts visitors of all nationalities and cultures. African Hebrew Israelites, also known as Black Hebrews, began settling in Israel in 1969. Between November 1984 and January 1985, 8,000 members of the ancient Ethiopian Jewish community from refugee camps in Sudan were airlifted to Israel to start a new life. Additional efforts in the 1990s rescued thousands more. Today, Israel is home to the largest …MORE >>

Harlem Brewing Company Craft Beer

10 years, when you look in the craft beer marketplace, you’ll be hard pressed to find a brand that is black-owned. Today, more black-owned breweries are beginning to stake their claim in the marketplace with an annual festival called Fresh Fest, bringing them all together for a day of celebration and tasting. One brewery that is, in my opinion, a pioneer paving the way for others being both a black and woman-owned business is Harlem Brewing founded by Celeste Beatty.

“The hobby became the passion, that became the business with a lot of people saying, ‘Take it further, take it further,’” says Beatty, who started the company in 2000. A home brewing kit from a friend in the late 1990′s would be the only …MORE >>

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Lack of resources, being asked for drastic discounts, and oftentimes being the only one in the room. It’s hard to believe we’re talking about prominent chefs in Dallas, but according to African American chefs, that’s the reality of being a black chef in Dallas.

In 2012, the Chicago Tribune posed a question that sparked a huge debate in national food media: Where are the black chefs? “Can you name a single black chef at a major Chicago restaurant?” the Trib asked. “At any upscale restaurant?” Six years later and the visibility of black chefs is still a major discussion point. Three months ago, the Washington Post ran a high-profile trend piece asserting that, for black chefs, …MORE >>

It would be understandable if appearing on the cover of Wine Enthusiast Magazine went to the head of a still younger than 40 sommelier. After all, the magazine’s photos of the “40 Under 40 Tastemakers” selected in 2016 and 2017 do not appear to include any black faces. Chicago’s Derrick Westbrook is one of five blacks honored in the October 2018 issue, but he is taking nothing for granted.

“It fuels my fire to do more. There’s this excitement and then there’s this feeling of I love this, but I don’t want it to be the apex at 31,” says Westbrook. The native of Nashville is happy that his family and friends can share in the success he knows he achieved with their help, influence …MORE >>

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