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Oxnard Juneteenth Event to Celebrate the Power of Greens

As an adult, I love hearing stories from others who shared the same fate as I did growing up; picking greens every Saturday afternoon for Sunday dinner. Collards mixed with turnips, turnips mixed with mustards or collards and cabbage; all of course seasoned with bacon, ham hocks or some other salty pork meat. The weekly ritual entailed cooking a big pot on the stove for hours to render the tastiest potlikker (pot liquor). When I got old enough to put my green picking days beyond me, you best believe I did. Then they came back. Today, there is no shame in my game as I channel my mom in the produce aisle going through bunches that will be used in my sautéed …MORE >>

The Great Wine Date: Does Packaging Influence Quality and Taste?

(Photo courtesy House Wine)

The world of wine is changing. Just as the faces of wine consumers continue to evolve, so does the way brands cater to them and their lifestyles.

History has taught us that wine in anything other than a bottle is not worth the time or money if you are looking for quality and taste. In addition, many will argue that there is a story to be told with each bottle from its shape to the design of the label as well as an experience to behold from selecting the bottle, opening it and pouring it into the glass for others. This is what many wine enthusiasts live for. The game is slowly changing, but the majority of brands will most likely …MORE >>

12 Instagram Travel Accounts to Follow Today

Nothing feeds the soul quite like travel. If you’re in between vacations and looking for a quick vicarious getaway, we have a great lineup of black travelers to inspire, motivate, and stimulate your wanderlust. From professional photographers and families to solo adventurers, these 12 Instagram travel accounts will inspire you to book your next flight today.

1. @hsimp15245

If you’re looking for beautiful post-card like, scenic views and candid, in-the-moment snapshots, Henry’s got you covered.

2. @bktraveladdict

Travel journalist and content creator Tracy Coleman curates tropical travel destinations, local culture, fun events, and great food.

3. @No___address

Always on the go, newlywed traveler and father, @No___address will awaken your inner beach dweller.

4. @stellas_out

A self described “budget adventurer,” …MORE >>

Inglewood's Vegan Soul Food Haven Beckons

Vegan paradise might not be your first impression of Inglewood, Calif. but step inside Stuff I Eat on Market Street and chef Babette Davis will introduce you to incredible soul food made solely from plant products. The restaurant itself is pretty bare bones – Davis allows her food to speak for itself. A steady crowd streams in as she orchestrates a tight crew of maybe ten at most, at the venue where she has been serving healthy eats since 2008.

“We are very fortunate and blessed,” says Davis, speaking of recent and Mercy for Animals videos that have resulted in some recognition for an otherwise unknown eatery. “Their reach was incredible, we’ve had a few million views on each. And we are so close to …MORE >>

Re-energize Your Mind, Body and Spirit in Arizona

Arizona is known to be one of the best spa destinations in the world. There’s no doubt that its native plants and herbs discovered by Native American healers have many spiritual and physical medicinal properties. Arizona’s dry climate, ample sunshine and warm temperatures make it a good place to visit any time of the year and get a boost in vitamin D. From Phoenix’s upscale spas to Sedona’s concentrated vortexes (or high energy points), Arizona has serene landscapes, natural resources, historic traditions and a variety of techniques that makes it popular as a place for wellbeing. The state also attracts alternative healing practitionersso you know the therapists are not only well trained, but passionate about what they do.

Sheraton Grand At Wild Horse …MORE >>

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