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When Curiosity Turns to Love in Tanzania

I arrived in Dar es Salaam with Grace Odogbili, a Nigerian-American chef and caterer from Brooklyn. Having worked with New York’s top restaurants and caterers, Odogbili started her own business, Dining With Grace, in 2010 to offer people a chance to savor regional cuisines of the African diaspora. She teaches nutritional culinary arts workshops in Brooklyn’s public schools, introducing underserved communities to healthier lifestyles.

This was the first trip to East Africa for both of us. For the next several days, we explored the cuisine and culture of Tanzania, like a local, with a local. “When I started The African Table, a monthly pop-up dining series in 2013, I hosted “A Night in Zanzibar” dinner at a Brooklyn art gallery where we had a multi-course …MORE >>

A Quick Getaway Into a Different World at The Mission Inn Hotel

A bust of Booker T. Washington is prominent in the welcoming entrance of The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa located in the historic city of Riverside, Calif. California’s booming orange crops brought tourists from the East Coast and Europe where sunshine and orange blossoms made Riverside a popular destination. Only 60 miles east of Los Angeles, The Mission Inn is full of turrets, gargoyles and a glockenspiel clock tower with rotating full-size figurines appearing every 15 minutes. But to really understand this luxurious getaway spot, a look into the past is important.

Frank Miller bought the property from his dad in 1880 and with his impending marriage, devised a plan to take advantage of Southern California’s booming times. The name Mission Inn was …MORE >>

Two Female-Owned Businesses Bringing Flavor to the Fore

The culinary world has seen a steady rise over the years in female professionals taking the lead to further their gastronomic passions. Here are two businesses that are making great strides, despite completely different backgrounds and experiences.

Trojan Grill Barbecue

(Photo credit: Trojan Grill Barbecue)

A family-owned and operated business, the duo behind Trojan Grill Barbecue (TGB) bring their family history and recipes into play with their delicious fare. Owned by chef Nikki McFadden and pitmaster Portia Mitchell, low and slow barbecue is the name of the game here.

With a focus on smoke, flavor and spice, this catering business offers many holiday specials including traditional favorites from an assortment of salads, sides and meat options with their best seller being the brisket. Another crowd favorite is the …MORE >>

Brooklyn Braised: Changing the Food Climate with the First Black-Owned Meal Delivery Service

While food trends are changing constantly, the face of food is on a much slower track. However, Christa Lynch has plans to change that with the creation of her farm-to-table prepared meal delivery service, Brooklyn Braised. After more than 10 years in the restaurant industry, Lynch is ready to hone in on her love for cooking and share it with parts of Brooklyn that have been disenfranchised when trying to get access to healthy foods and related services.

This past October, Brooklyn Braised celebrated its official launch with crowd favorites such as the dill salmon croquettes and vegan three bean chili with butternut squash. Hosted at the Richard Beavers Gallery, friends and family gathered to welcome and celebrate the first African-American owned and operated meal …MORE >>

Bringing It To The Table Premieres as the First All-Black Culinary Competition

This Thanksgiving, six African-American chefs will take viewers on a fun and mouthwatering ride as they compete in a six-week docu-style culinary competition that is the first to feature an all-black cast. “Bringing It To The Table” will make its premiere online as it answers the often head-scratching question that has been asked one too many times, “Where are the black chefs?”

Filmed throughout the city of Oakland and other parts of the Bay Area, the show’s creator and producer chef Aminah “Mimi” Robinson-Briscoe wanted to create a show that showcased “the art of cooking from an African-American perspective.” The chef of more than 20 years knows first-hand about the stereotypes and culinary limitations that are often unjustly placed upon black chefs. Skilled in just about …MORE >>

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V. Sheree Williams


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