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5 Beer and Soul Food Pairings for Beer Lovers and Newbies

The year 2020 has been a year full of canceled and revamped events but serves as the inaugural year of the Blacktoberfest beer festival held in Rocky Mountain, North Carolina. The festival featured beers from eight Black-owned breweries and a Märzen-style beer featuring three different types of squash on which they all collaborated.

The idea for the festival originated from a discussion among Black Brew Culture‘s founder Mike Potter and members Sheena Lester and Royce Shockley.

“We wanted to create a tradition and venue that would allow people of all cultures to enjoy food and beer that was created by Black people,” says Potter. “We have a deep rich cultural connection to brewing and cooking, and there are not enough opportunities for us to showcase …MORE >>

How to do Lisbon, Portugal in a Day

On any given night, Bossa nova bands, copious amounts of wine, African food that spans the diaspora, and a rotating guest list that includes all of Lisbon draw crowds to the wine bar Tabernáculo by Hernâni Miguel.

Miguel is a cultural steward of sorts and his career details his personal philosophy to bridge the African diaspora through art, culture, food and music.

For most people, Europe is a major travel destination, but for now, the global pandemic has halted most of our travel. Portugal has emerged as one of those destinations that have increasingly landed on many people’s radar. In central Lisbon’s Bica neighborhood, a wine bar with a 15th-century cave attracts many artists, musicians, intellectuals, expats, and locals each week.

The essence of community is …MORE >>

Singer Jody Watley

Listening to the deep, silky tones and textures in his voice earned a Brooklyn-born singer, songwriter, and producer a legion of fans worldwide. The flavor, soul and layers Will Downing puts into his music also shine through in his cooking.

“It’s a different experience with every bite, and when you listen to my music, your ears get sort of the same sensation,” says the Grammy Award-winning artist. Downing wants people to hear something new and distinctive each time they listen to one of his songs. “The same thing is true with the food that I make. Every bite is slightly different than the next. Something stands out.”

Downing’s favorite cooking method is low and slow, just like the ballads that have thrilled fans of his 23 albums. …MORE >>

Vegan chef Nadira Jenkins-El pays homage to classic, soul food staples in “Vegan Soul Food Cookbook: Plant-Based, No-Fuss Southern Favorites.” Her goal: create healthier versions of the cuisine without compromising flavor or harming animals. She does so by adding what she calls SOUL – seasonal, organic, unprocessed, local. The holistic nutritionist also presents the material with ease.

This paperback cookbook features 101 recipes to excite the palate. They include serving size, prep time, and cook time for those who plan their meals. I like that they also note gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free when applicable.

Unfortunately, images only exist for the nine-chapter dividers. Still, the matte finish pics make the select few foods look appetizing. The ingredients list contains items mostly found in local grocery stores. The …MORE >>

Sean and Tia Edwards, Fresh Bourbon

Have Kelvin Young and Djuan Ditto unlocked the secret to selling wines and liquors? As the founders of Legacy Wine and Spirits, Kentucky’s first Black-owned distributor, it’s their goal to continue using new channels to promote their brands. And with growing distribution, popular local events, and a solid reputation, they’re well on their way to becoming masters of their craft.

An Entrepreneurial Evolution

Most consumers don’t know exactly what a distributor does. As part of the United States’ three-tiered distribution system, they’re responsible (and the only entity legally allowed) to get your favorite wine and spirits to retail locations, bars and restaurants.

After a wine or spirit from another country is imported into the U.S. or for domestic products produced within the U.S., it’s a distributor’s job to …MORE >>

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