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Sista's Book - Social Club

Are you looking for a book club, social club, group of friends, sisterhood, and support system? Ladies that will laugh, cry, and grow with you?

Sista's Book / Social Club is all of the above and more! We are opening up membership to this dynamic organization's  Bay Area Chapter. This organization is not a fly-by-night group;  We are black women who share the common goal of uplifting one another.

Whether you are young, old, a mom, a wife or single you will have a blast with the support of your sisters in Sista's Book / Social Club.

Aside from monthly meetups where we discuss the book of the month (primarily by African American authors), we meet up to go to the movies, plays, dinner , Game Night, etc. throughout the year.

The Bay Area Chapter of Sista's Book / Social Club is based in the heart of the the Bay Oakland, but have members in surrounding cities.

Sista's Book/ Social Club was founded in 2010.

Membership Fees:

There will be a membership fee upon joining the group.

Membership requires a $120.00 Annual Membership Fee / which has to be paid within 30 days of being accepted into the book club. The fees are for covering the payment for the meet up site, food and drinks for our monthly meetups, and other expenses that may incur within in our group activities. The fee is due yearly, you will be reminded thru email when your membership fees is due. Membership fees is non refundable.

January 5, 2010
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