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ONYX (Bay Area Black Professionals)

Onyx is a Black Professionals group that plans various social networking events throughout the Bay Area but primarily in the Pennisula and South Bay.

(Jeremy and Lakeisha) decided to form this group for two reasons. First, most black professionals' groups that we know of tend to be outside of the south bay and the pennisula, specifically in Oakland. And while we love Oakland, we would love to have strong black community here as well. Second, because the black population in this area is relatively small, it can be hard to connect to black professionals (especially those outside our particular field) without some deliberate organization.

Onyx will strive to be the catalyst for creating a stronger black network/community in this area. The initial objective is really quite simple- to form a black professionals group with various social events in our area. As for upcoming social events, we are considering are happy hours, concerts, wine tastings, house parties, bbqs/picnics, brunches, and dinners. We are open to suggestions. Beyond the social events, we both envision the group expanding to include business and community related activities. Again, please feel free to participate and offer any input. We want everyone to feel like this is their group. We hope you all are as jazzed about forming a community as we are.

Once you join, please check out our frequently asked questions page here>>

July 19, 2007
ONYX Black Professionals January 4, 2014
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