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Oakland Beginner's Programming Support Group

This group was formed to motivate and support individuals who want to learn a computer programming language, who have little to no coding experience, and who live in Oakland. Members study at their own pace and learn coding utilizing freely available online materials. We help members to stay on course and progress by facilitating study circles, pairing, and group discussions. We explore and discuss practical applications for developing your programming skills. We are passionate about helping to nurture individuals with technological skills from within the Oakland community. We want to do our part in facilitating opportunities for Oaklanders to create technology, instead of only consuming it.

Our meetups are not classes or training. There is no “instructor”. This meetup is not for those who are already proficient programmers. It is for self-starting beginners who are comfortable with, or desire to learn how to utilize free web resources to teach themselves how to code. It is for those (like myself) who need a little support staying on course and who like interacting with others. We do plan, however, to having guest professionals to share their experience and tips along the way.

September 4, 2013
Oakland Beginner's Programming Support Group September 15, 2013
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