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Just Us Mamas

So now you're a mommy! Congratulations! Everything has changed, including your social life. Gone are the late nights hanging with the girls. But do you miss those days before diaper changing took over? Well, this is a group for first time mommies and young moms alike who still want to be social. It's the goal of this group to be positive and supportive of this new journey of life all the while having fun, being creative, and building new friendships. We can find new ways to be social that are kid-friendly yet entertaining. Let's get together at least twice a month. One event with the kiddies and then another for just us mamas. And the Mama's event isn't limited to just dinner, movie, or clubbing. It can be anything like roller skating, hiking, going to a play, group cooking class, or whatever activity you've been wanting to try!

January 28, 2013
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