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Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce

449 15th Street, Suite 410 Oakland, CA 94612

headshot-wilhardee CHAMBER PROFILE
OAACC leads the way in addressing the needs and concerns of small and minority businesses. Our chamber was founded in 2003 to give these businesses a voice, to advocate for them, and to help them prosper, grow, and become a strong force in a thriving Oakland economy. We also assist companies that want to tap into the wealth of talent, expertise, and resources offered by our members.

MISSION Our mission is to promote commerce and industry for the advancement of economic vitality within the Oakland African-American community.

MEMBERSHIP PROFILE OAACC’s members represent the full spectrum of the Oakland business community. They are located in many neighborhoods, do business in varied industry sectors, and range in size from solo entrepreneurs to large corporations. Most of our members are the kind of small businesses that drive the community’s economic engine. From startup companies to long-established enterprises, they are characterized by their talent, initiative, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

PARTNERSHIPS OAACC believes in the value of partnerships. We colloborate with other business chambers, corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and community and faith-based organizations to support and strengthen small businesses in our community, and to promote and create a strong economic environment that benefits us all.

Wil Hardee
President and CEO