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925 Mission Street, Suite 109, San Francisco, CA 94103

[Video: Highlights from SFNoir Food & Wine Gala, 2013 - This delicious Soul Food celebration features hundreds of Bay Area foodies enjoying one of the most unique food and wine events on the West Coast.]

sf|noir was founded in 2001 out of a passion for artistic expression and a desire to help bring about a greater awareness of the contributions of African Americans to arts and culture.

The organization was also formed to fill a void that has been continually expanding in San Francisco, whereby the visibility of African American “creatives” and the culture and communities they represent has been shrinking, with the current African American population accounting for less than 3% of San Francisco’s total population.

Decision Maker
Herve Ernest
Executive Director
The Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra perform with Ledisi in a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald at a SFNoir event. September 22, 2013
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