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Marriott Hotel chain announced a massive data breach involving 500 million customers worldwide. According to company officials for the past four years an unauthorized party had access to credit card numbers and expiration dates, passport numbers and birth dates of Marriott Starwood customers.

A data breach of this size is considered record breaking for both its size and the duration that hackers had access. Most data breaches last only about 90 to 200 days before discovery. This breach dates back to 2014 and was only discovered in September. Last year’s Equifax data breach was a fraction of the Marriott breach hitting only 145 million people. Though the company announced the breach today internal security measures signaled a potential breach in early September. However …MORE >>

This holiday season beware, retailers are watching you and keeping records. Just as you grade their customer service performance they are grading you as a customer. And even reading what you may not want them to see. As if dealing with a credit score is not tough enough now more and more retailers are rating customers.

According to the Wall Street Journal customers maybe banned from making exchanges. Are you returning high-theft items like a flat-screen television? Or are you returning too many items in a short time period? These activities can leave a black mark on your customer score or rating.

A California company, The Retail Equation (TRE), is keeping records and scoring consumer’s return activity. TRE’s services is now in use …MORE >>

As if there weren’t enough scandals hitting Facebook now it appears that the social media giant has another. According to Mark S. Luckie, Facebook’s former strategic partner manager, Facebook has internal issues with black employees.

According to the Guardian, Luckie, before his departure, sent a sent a 2,500 word memo to all Facebook employees saying the company has “a black people problem.” In the memo Luckie asserted that African-Americans are the most active demographic using the site but Facebook ignores their interests. And he accuses Facebook of resisting attempts to change.

Luckie pointed to several examples of black users content being deleted or their accounts suspended “with little recourse,” according to Luckie. In other examples he said requests for help are ignored “until it’s a …MORE >>

Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, is quietly notifying its customers of a data breach by sending the affected account holders an email. Amazon officials admit to the data breach but are keeping extremely closed mouth about the details.

The email, sent out Wednesday, offers no details as to how long customers’ personal information was exposed or where inside Amazon’s vast network the breach took place. It’s also devoid of any information regarding the number of customers impacted, geographic location, specific purchase, or any information that would concern their millions of customers.

Below is the full text of the Amazon email.

Sent: 21 November 2018 10:53
To: a——–
Subject: Important Information about your Account


We’re contacting you to let you know that our website inadvertently disclosed your …MORE >>

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