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A third party contractor, in violation of contractual agreements, moved license plate and face image data to their own network where hackers stole it.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) admitted to a data breach that was discovered on May 31st. The agency is describing the breach as a “malicious cyber attack.” The sub-contractor has not been pubicly identified.

The CBP issued a statement saying, “CBP learned that a subcontractor, in violation of CBP policies and without CBP’s authorization or knowledge, had transferred copies of license plate images and traveler images collected by CBP to the subcontractor’s company network. Initial information indicates that the subcontractor violated mandatory security and privacy protocols outlined in their contract.”

According to CBP, none of the stolen data has appeared …MORE >>

Black Entertainment Television is moving from the mobile streaming service to a full on streaming service provider. BET is reportedly launching BET+ a stand alone streaming service. is reporting the service will launch later this year and will be the new home for Tracy Oliver’s planned “First Wives Club.”

President of BET Networks Scott Mills said of Oliver, “We are thrilled that Tracy Oliver and Paramount Television’s ‘First Wives Club’ will be coming to BET Network. We have been big fans of Tracy, the project and its incredible cast all along. The concept she has for the series fits perfectly with our programming strategy of character-driven content anchored in the Black experience, and it aligns seamlessly with our core …MORE >>

Cyber crimnals are now using the HTTPS to gain your trust in phishing campaigns. A public service announcement from the FBI is revealing the problem and urging individuals to go beyond simply trusting any HTTPS URL.

Just what is HTTPS? HTTPS is indicated by that lock icon in the address bar. It means you have an encrypted website connection. Once reserved primarily for passwords and other sensitive data, the entire web is slowly moving away from HTTP and switching to HTTPS. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The “S” stands for security. When you see a website with the HTTPS in the URL you know that you are securely connected and your data is encrypted. You’re safe to bank, …MORE >>

Do you have a will? What happens to your stuff if you hit the exit early? That is why Trust & Will is the App of the Week.

Well actually Trust & Will is a website service. But it is still deserving of recognition because 70 percent of people die without a will. That means your relatives, friends and whoever have a free for all to get your stuff, er, estate. Sometimes the whole mess ends up in court.

But for $40 you can ease your mind and make sure your estate doesn’t become the prize in a family battle royal.

Oncer you use the service you have the advantage or changing the wil at anytime. Other features of the service include Revocable Trust, Schedule of …MORE >>

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