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Jay-Z, hip-hop’s reigning king has returned to Spotify. And no one knows why!

The rap and business mogul is the owner of Tidal music a competing streaming service. As of 2017 Jay-Z’s catalog of music was removed from Spotify and several other competing streaming services. Apparently by his request. The rap tunes did however quickly return to Apple Music. Maybe Jay-Z wanted to give Spotify a birthday present for his 50th?

But we must speculate. Why would Jay-Z give his music to a competing platform? What was the deal that made it happen? I am guessing that he is not getting the response to his Tidal service he was expecting. Tidal has been under scrutiny for a …MORE >>

As Christmas season ramps up not everyone is having a merry time. Amazon employees are working at a record pace to keep up with orders and deliveries and in some cases wind up dead.

Amazon is known for rapid delivery of almost any product you can think of. But the pace of work in an Amazon warehouse can be stunning and dangerous. Amazon is accused of running a technology driven sweatshop. Employees are constantly monitored by computers that feed the information to supervisors in real time. The information is processed by an Amazon proprietary software system called ADAPT. Employees understand that under-performance can result in their termination.

Amazon’s technology and what has been described as ruthless surveillance and constant disciplinary write-ups are pushing workers hard. At …MORE >>

The holidays are upon us. And so is the season for holiday scams. Every year there are millions of dollars lost due to online holiday scams, data breaches and identity theft. is launching its annual holiday safety effort. We will publish information and warnings to keep you safe from these cyber crooks and Scrooges. Its that time of year!

Cyber Crime Season Kicks Off Early

Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off of the holiday shopping season. And the cyber criminals are starting early as well.

Avira Protection Lab reports that there was a 61 percent increase in phishing during the 2018 holiday season. The busiest season for cyber criminals is between September and December. This year, the seasonal activity started earlier. …MORE >>

Cell carrier T-Mobile reported a data breach affecting its pre-paid customers. According to T-Mobile the data breach took place on its network sometime in early November and is affecting less than 1.5 percent of its customers. But that is no small number and equates to roughly a million customers.

Although passwords and Social Security numbers were not lost other important information was. The breached data includes customer name, billing address, phone number, account number, and details of your T-Mobile rate plan. The information is easily enough to get access to your account by impersonating you. Cyber criminals could use the information to perform a SIM swapping attack.

T-Mobile is notifying the customers affected. If you receive a notification the company recommends …MORE >>

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