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Welcome to the holiday shopping season. As you know this time of the year is when online shopping skyrockets. As matter of fact, this holiday season is on track to break all previous records for sales. That includes walk in stores. In the 24 hours known as Black Friday online sales hit $5 billion! According Adobe Digital Insights this is an almost 17 percent increase over 2016.

But even as those numbers make retailers happy there is also a dark side to online holiday shopping. Scams, frauds and digital theft of all kinds. Beware. As I have said many times before Black people don’t play when it comes to their money!

There are two seasons when online criminals clean up, Christmas and tax season. You’re …MORE >>

Redlining – The practice of denying services, accommodations and opportunities either directly or through selectively raising prices or targeting advertising to certain people based on the racial or ethnic identities.

Facebook has shut down its powerful redlining machine innocently known as affinity marketing. A ProPublica investigation revealed that advertisers have been using Facebook’s “multicultural affinity” tool to avoid advertising to people of color. As the world’s largest social network Facebook has 2.1 billion users and brings in $36 billion in annual revenue.

As early as last week ProPublica reported that Facebook was still allowing advertisers to exclude African-Americans and other minorities. Facebook had promised to crackdown on racist ad targeting but the practice continues. Part of the crackdown involved asking advertisers to …MORE >>

TIO Networks, owned by PayPal has suffered a data breach that may have compromised the personally identifiable information or PII of up to 1.6 million customers. TIO suspended operations on November 10th to investigate “security vulnerabilities” in its payment platform.

According to PayPal customer information compromised in the breach include names, addresses, bank-account details, Social Security numbers and account login details.

TIO Networks is a Canadian company that processes payments from under served or un-banked communities. In 2016 the company processed more than $7 billion in consumer bills. TIO serves 14 million consumer bill pay accounts. Many of these consumers are poor or receive some form of public assistance using state issued EBT Cards. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC) …MORE >>

Is cryptocurrency for African-Americans? Are we in on the game or are we just too cautious with our money to get in right now? Can cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin help the Black economy? Are we ready or even willing to get in the digital cash game? I said it before and I’ll say it again; Black people don’t play when it comes to money!

From Black celebrity endorsements to black people actually mining cryptocurrencies the game is starting to open up and awareness is growing. But are we truly on board?

Black celebrities are pushing cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings or ICO. An ICO is an unregulated way to raise money for new cryptocurrencies. ICOs are used by startups to get around the rigid …MORE >>

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