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Brown Estate Opens A Stress-Free Tasting Room in Napa

brown tasting room
brown tasting room

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Erin Feher | Photo: Aubrie Pick | October 27, 2017

Bassett and Marcela Brown just wanted a place where their kids could dig in the dirt. In 1980 they were immigrants (from Jamaica and Panama, respectively) living in Pasadena and running a community medical clinic when they decided to purchase 384 acres of untamed land in the Napa Valley. “They found this abandoned ghost ranch and brought in access roads, power lines, irrigation systems…they were fearless,” says Deneen Brown, one of the couple’s three children, all of whom ended up getting their hands plenty dirty as the family learned how to grow its own food, build fences, and dig reservoirs. “It was a counterbalance to our life in L.A. We would spend our summers running up and down St. Helena and getting into trouble.” The family started growing grapes and selling them to local wineries.

The rest of the year they remained in Southern California, and all three children went off to college with their sights set on white-collar careers. But eventually the call of Napa Valley drew them back. By 1996, the three Brown siblings had decided to start making their own wines under the Brown Estate label. Deneen is the winery’s president; her younger brother, David, who studied chemistry, is the winegrower; and her younger sister, Coral, writes all the tasting notes and creates food and wine pairings for guests… (cont’d)

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